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Heartstrings: Room in Your Heart But Not in Your Home

Heartstrings Pet Sponsorship Program

Their stories can tug at your heart. You want to provide a loving home for them – a safe haven. But life is complicated. Space may be tight in your home. Your little Princess or sweet Rex may not tolerate another animal in your home. Your life may be in transition now. For these and so many other reasons, you may not be able to open your home to a pet at this time, but there is room in your heart.

A great way to show you care is by sponsoring one of our Heartstrings pets. Many of these animals are longtime residents at Animal Aid. They may be elderly or have a medical condition. They may be extremely shy. These dogs and cats are often overlooked by potential adopters in favor of the younger, more energetic animals. Bottom line, they might be considered by some to be "hard to place."

Sponsoring one of our Heartstrings pets is a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a friend, family member or your own pet. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. This program is also a great project for school classrooms, Girl or Boy Scout troops, church groups, or retirement homes. It's also an excellent way for an organization to acknowledge an employee.

All proceeds go to providing ALL of our animals with the best care (including medical attention) while they wait for their forever homes. With a donation of $25 or more, you receive:

  • A certificate of appreciation.
  • A photo of your chosen pet.
  • Periodic updates on your chosen pet.
Please acknowledge the tug on your heartstrings by participating in our Pet Sponsorship Program today. CLICK HERE to learn how simple this is to do.

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